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UNLIT is an all-natural adaptogen recovery drink that helps you rebalance your mind, body & soul. When Lia Lee created UNLIT,  she was seeking a more holistic approach to recovery & imbalance after a busy weekend. Why recovery? When we aren’t our best selves, the ripple effect is on everything and everyone around us. UNLIT is “self-care in beverage form”, each ingredient was designed to detox and restore you.

UNLIT Wellness Company is a small, women-owned, BIPOC beverage manufacturing company which creates plant-based, functional, RTD drinks. We are a sustainable, conscious company that believes in ingredient integrity first, and we remain committed to building up our local communities.


·   Founded in 2020

·   Based in Washington, DC

·   Black & female owned

·   Made to consume first thing in the morning as a nutritional supplement or whenever you need a boost

·   Made with the freshest fruits & vegetables

·   Enjoy solo or mix with your favorite cocktail recipes


As a young tech professional, Lia Lee was no stranger to long work days, busy weekends, and a hectic personal life; she founded UNLIT in January 2020. Lia has a passion for people, social activities, and finding solutions and has pursued her passions through several successful ventures. She is currently a member of Female Founder Collective, a single mother, and dog mom to a mini poodle.


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